Why Start A Business Online? 6 Reasons To Get You Fired Up


Why start a business online? Why choose to work for yourself when it’s simpler just to work for someone else? I’ll give you 6 good reasons!

It’s a question that comes up more and more these days as time rolls on, partially thanks to the fast-pace of technological advancements in the age we’re in. However, it’s also largely due to the increase in popularity of working from home overall.

Since the internet became publicly accessible and many companies started to develop an online presence, the amount of people working from home has been on the rise. Folks began to realize that they didn’t have to be tied to the company office to get work done, and employers have been catching on as well.

work from home

But if you’re going to work from home, why not just work for yourself?

I think that’s the most logical next question you can ask in this situation. Removing the employer from the equation, or rather becoming the employer, yields many benefits that people aren’t always aware of. That means starting a home-based business, and specifically I’ll be talking about an online business here today.

That’s why in this article I want to cover my Top 6 favorite reasons for why you should start a business online.

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1. Work As Much, Or As Little As You Want!

You might have seen this coming from a long ways out, as it is the most obvious perk of starting your own internet business. I mean, what could be more awesome than being able to work whenever you want, sleep whenever you want, and just live life on your own schedule?


Now I should mention that freedom like that comes with a price, and that price varies heavily depending on your personality type. The more disciplined types probably won’t have too much trouble given that much power and control over their own actions. But many of us have never had that kind of privilege before, and sometimes it can really throw a wrench into things.

Let’s say you have kids and a dog, or something along those lines. If you’re working from home, you may have a real battle on your hands trying to stay focused on getting work done if children or pets are making a lot of noise, or are constantly in need of your attention.

It can really slow down the productivity train, and less work might actually get done, so it will take some planning.

But if you can develop a good system, and time things accordingly, you can find yourself with an opportunity to work like never before – and that’s if you choose an online business that is very time-consuming. Truth be told, you can also get away with working only a small portion of each day and still do very well for yourself!

So in the end, you set the bar as high or low as you’d like! Want to work 12 hours straight hammering out review articles for a website? Go for it. Want to set up an ecommerce store and just check in briefly a couple times a day, and make adjustments once a week? Also, a solid plan!

2. You Get To Decide The Setting

This point ties in nicely with my first point on being able to choose your own hours, getting to define the setting you work in.

If your home business is an internet business, then you’re not really tied strictly to your home, are you? If you have a laptop or mobile phone, and a connection to the internet, you can really just choose wherever you want to work!

I personally prefer to do my work from home, either on my couch or in the spare room that serves as an office. I get to set the place up to best meet my needs, turn off all the distractions, and just go to it. Maybe you have a basement that isn’t being used for much else, or a garage even. Really it comes down to wherever will help you get the most work done.

And as I mentioned, because it’s all online, you can just get up and go do your work somewhere else if it pleases you. I’ve been to the coffee shop a few times to get my article writing done – having access to a steady supply of fresh coffee is pretty awesome, and as long as I brought my own music, I know that things will turn out just fine.

Trust me, having your own music for working on the go is almost a requirement if you’re easily distracted like I am!

3. An Opportunity To Pursue Your Passionsboss

Have you ever worked somewhere that you really didn’t enjoy working? Or even better, worked for someone that you truly didn’t like?

I have, and it sucks, but most all of us have to go through that at some point in our lives.

If you’ve read my “About” page, you may recall that I used to work as a telemarketer for a while in the past. Telemarketing can be a truly awful line of work to get into, somewhat depending on the company and products you’re dealing with. And that’s exactly why I bring it up.

Starting a business online gives you full control over these things, so you can choose to be a company that people grow to respect rather than come to hate. You can also choose to deal only with products and suppliers that meet your standards instead of pushing whatever your boss tells you to.

This puts the quality control in your hands completely, how awesome is that? No more sacrificing personal integrity for the sake of “the company” by lying to potential customers about how “amazing” your services are.

That’s what I like to call freedom, folks.

4. The Ability To “Shut Off” The Rest Of The World

Working at an office can be a very distracting thing, to the point of sensory overload. Phones are ringing, conversations are happening, doors are being knocked on, maintenance workers are banging about, and much more.

Ever worked at an automotive shop? Or a construction site? Or in a retail environment? I have, and I’ll say right now they can be just as bad.

So what makes your home business any better? Well, for starters you have the ability to control and completely eliminate these kinds of distractions. You can turn the television and radio off, send the dogs outside, go to the spare room and throw the headphones on, and just get stuff done.


And you can put your phone on silent, too. The messages will be there for you when you get back, so don’t worry.

5. Tax Breaks For Home-Based Business

As a home-based business, you’re typically entitled to a number of tax benefits that you otherwise wouldn’t be if you were working for someone else’s company.

These are usually related to any expenditures made for the benefit of the business, like supplies or equipment you needed to buy in order to get work done. I won’t get into a bunch of specifics for this, as it’s a pretty deep subject in itself. But I will say that if you’re working on your own business, you’re probably eligible for a few perks already and might not even know it!

6. Less Commuting Means More Time And Money Saved

The title kind of gives it all away, right? No matter, let’s still explore the idea a little bit anyway.


Ask yourself a quick question: How long do you spend traveling back and forth to work each day? You may be surprised to find it’s a lot of time that could be spent on other things!

In my last “job” I was traveling 35 minutes each way, every day. At 5 days a week, that’s about 3 hours a week (12 hours a month) just getting to work and back. For some people that might actually be an improvement! I once had a job that required me to travel 1 hour each way, and that’s still not the worst I’ve seen.

Now ask yourself: What does it cost me to travel this much?

Do you take the local transit system (bus or subway) to work, or do you drive your own car? What does it cost you in gas to get around like that? I don’t need to know the answer, I just want you to be honest with yourself here.

When I was driving back and forth to work every day, even being as conservative as I was, I still had to fill up the car with gas at least once a week. That was about $40 where I live, and no the price of gas isn’t amazing here. So if I did that 4-5 times a month, I was looking at roughly $160-200 dollars a month just in fuel costs.

Now if you want to add maintenance, insurance, and every other vehicle-related cost into the mix, it was far worse.

Imagine for a second that you could break free from all those costly expenditures. Wouldn’t that be nice not having to pay vast sums of time and money just to get to work each day?


For the record, there are plenty more reasons why you should consider starting your own internet business from home. Some people can go on all day about this stuff, but I think it’s fine just sticking to the basics here and covering the best points.

I think the most determining factor is what kind of person you are. If you’re a reliable worker even when there’s nobody to crack the whip behind you, you might be a great fit for a home-based internet business. Even then you might have to try a little harder than usual to keep yourself on track, because having so much freedom can lead to much temptation from your surroundings.

Now we’ve covered the “why”, but what about the “how”?

How do you start an internet business, from home or anywhere really? Well, you have to start with an idea, or rather a niche to get into. This could be as broad as technology, or as precise as Samsung phones. It’s totally up to you how much ground you want to cover with your business.

Next you need a website to serve as your platform if you decide to run a blog, online store, or otherwise. It will give you a means to write, review, advertise, or sell products from.


That brings us to the next point: Products! If you have an online store, you’ll need either physical or digital products to sell to people. A dropshipping store for example requires know physical inventory on hand, but you will need to set up with a supplier so you can have the goods shipped from them when orders are placed.

Affiliate Marketing is in some ways an even better choice, as all you require is Affiliate Links to be placed on your website. They connect the customer to the seller’s website, and you make commission from any purchases that result.

In the end, you just have to be willing to show up and do the work. The harder you work, the more money you stand to make.

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