What is Affiliate Marketing About and How Does it Work? (Beginner Guide)


What is Affiliate Marketing about? How does it work? What is this secret art of using the internet to make money? Today we take a closer look into a not-so-mysterious subject and break it down into bite-size pieces. Keep in mind that this is going to be geared towards those just getting into the industry. If you’ve been doing this line of work for a while, some of this might seem a bit redundant. 

Don’t worry, there’ll be more articles on the subject later.

This is a list of today’s headers on the subject – scroll down for more!

– What is Affiliate Marketing?

– Why get into Affiliate Marketing?

– Do I need a Website?

– What kind of Products can I Promote?

We go over all that and more in today’s piece, so lets not waste any more time and get right into it!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The Lexico Oxford Online Dictionary defines it as “a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals”.

Seems pretty straightforward right? And it certainly is as an overall subject, but it’s the little things that can make it seem all so complicated. Email Marketing, creating ads, affiliate applications, web design, etc.

Don’t get hung up on the bells and whistles, my friend. Don’t even let any of that scare you if you don’t know what I’m talking about – I certainly didn’t when I first got started. All that stuff gets its turn down the road, but for now we’ll just focus on the core of the experience.

So to put in simplest form, we have 3 elements: The Customer, the Seller, and You (The Affiliate).

And your job is simply to bring the Customer and the Seller together. Not too complicated, eh? Your goal is driving traffic (customers) towards a product with the hopes that they’ll make a purchase. And every time they do, you’ll get a sales or referral commission ($$$).

How much do you make? Depends on the Seller really, and no that’s not a cop out haha. I’ll use a couple examples to get the ball rolling:

ex. Amazon will pay anywhere from 1-10% per sale depending on the category. Last time I checked, if Beauty products are interesting to you then you’re looking at the higher (10%) of that scale. Neat-o!

Sign up for the Amazon Associates Program here.

ex 2. Clickbank is an Affiliate Network where you can find many products and services to promote, and where many of them are Digital goods, the manufacturing costs are almost non-existent. Guess what that means? More money for advertising, hooray! I’ve seen commission as high as 90% and that is no joke. 

Sign up for a Clickbank Account here.

And beyond those 2 examples, there are so many more out there. I plan on sniffing out many more and making some guides on them later, which should be useful for new affiliates. Oh yes, I suppose I should go into a bit deeper as to why it’s such a good profession. Next up..

Why get into Affiliate Marketing?

Have you ever worked an overnight shift at work? Have you ever been fighting to get hours at work to make ends meet? Or do you just want to make some serious money that you won’t get with your 9-5 job?

That last one is a big draw for a lot of people, in fact I think it’s the key motivator in most ads I spot out there. I’m not going to deny there are endless amounts of money to be made, but it takes time and effort before that ball gets rolling – so I like to shine some light on the other benefits!

Many Affiliate Marketers have turned towards a more mobile and freedom-based lifestyle because you get to finally be your own boss. This means: Work when you want, where you want, and how much you want.

That last point really resonates with me personally. Since learning to design websites, I often can’t spend enough time working on things. I come across new ideas or affiliate programs all the time, and sometimes these spark creativity that demands attention now. So when do you choose to clock out? Whenever you want! Ultimately the more time and effort you put into something, the more you can potentially get out of it. A lot of that comes down to the right training, which I’ll touch on in the last section.

Anyways, some folks are more than happy to work away at this as a part-time gig to make some money on the side, while others realize their full potential and make it their main job. The sky is the limit with this stuff.

Serious facts: The Affiliate Marketing business did around $4 Billion in spending back in 2015, and is predicted to hit around $7 Billion by 2020. That’s almost double in 5 years! So the facts tell us that not only that Affiliate Marketing is sticking around, but growing quickly too.

Do I need a Website to be an Affiliate Marketer?

Nope, not at all but that is the preferred method among most affiliates that I have seen. However, if you’re savvy on Social Media and are good with people, then there is nothing stopping you from achieving success.

You’ve probably seen Amazon Influencers online through platforms like Twitter and Pinterest in the past. It’s a very viable option for new and old Affiliates alike as people are more obsessed with Social Media than ever before. Making effective use of hashtags and creative posting can net you a lot of easy traffic, but that’s a topic for another day.

I started on the website side of things, learning to build simple WordPress sites and going from there towards the incorporation of Social Media, etc. It allows you to truly create your own piece of online real estate that you can use as a platform to whatever end you want. It gives you so many more options, especially if you want to take the online business world seriously.

What kind of Products can I Promote?

Let me be a jerk and respond to a question with another question: How good is your imagination?

Maybe that is a poor phrasing for it, but the point I want to hit home here is that there are millions of niches out there to choose from. Within this massive variety of niches, there are millions more products that you can pick from. Let me do up a quick example:

Lets say Technology is your chosen field, pretty broad right? Lets dive a little deeper, say you’re into Electronics specifically. Now let’s go on Amazon and dig up Electronics..

Over 50,000 products to pick from, that must be a joke right? Nope, and that’s just with Electronics.. and just through Amazon. There are countless other Affiliate programs and sites (Walmart, Ebay, Clickbank, etc) out there which cover so many more products and services.

So in the end, you have virtually no limit to products or ideas that you can promote. If something doesn’t quite fall in line with your chosen niche, skip it and move on to something better.

Maybe the product(s) you’re pushing offer relatively low commission, or don’t sell as quickly as you want. Guess what? You have full control over your advertising, your sales, and your brand altogether. So find something that meets your needs better and go after it! The level of freedom you have is unparalleled.

The Wrap-Up

In an age where it has gotten harder and harder to make ends meet, even in fully developed countries around the world, who do you turn to for a decent job? Who should be in charge of yourself and your family’s welfare?

I say if you got the guts, try being your own boss. Be an Affiliate Marketer and make your own rules.

The truth is, it has become more difficult and less manageable to start an old school brick and mortar style business. However, don’t let that steer you away from the Internet as a preferred platform for Marketing and Business – it keeps growing and providing more opportunities everyday.

With a user base in the billions, you certainly won’t run out of potential customers anytime soon. Or ideas for that matter!

So as always, if you want to join me on this wonderful journey and start learning all about the awesomeness of Affiliate Marketing, I say check out my other page here and consider changing your life for the best. You’ll have access to the best training online, an amazing community that loves to help out, and new materials and lessons every single week. And you can get started for free. There really is no better time to start than right now!

Thank you for reading and I hope this was able to shed a bit more light on the subject for you. Check back in periodically for more articles and information, and I’ll see you there!



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