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In a world where proper Keyword Research is a necessity, having the right tools will either make or break your business. Unfortunately everything costs money, and simply doing Google searches as a form of free research just won’t cut it. Where do you turn for help?

Enter Jaaxy – The World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool.

jaaxy 4

In case you’ve never heard of Jaaxy, I’ll drop a bit of knowledge to get us started. Jaaxy is a Keyword Research Tool that has been at the helm of Keyword Research for years now. It’s a tool that has been designed and fine-tuned by Affiliate Marketers like myself, and possibly you as well.

That being said, it’s also widely considered the #1 rated Research Tool for Affiliate Marketers specifically. Most of my colleagues from around the web (Marketers, Advertisers, and otherwise) all speak very highly of Jaaxy, and some like myself even swear by it.

Oh before I get too far ahead of myself, I better talk about what Keyword Research means. 

  1. What Is Keyword Research?
  2. Try Keyword Research Right Now
  3. How To Understand Your Search Results
  4. Earn $ With The Jaaxy Affiliate Program
  5. What Are The Different Memberships?
  6. The Best Deal On The Internet!
  7. Conclusion

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is a practice used by all manner of individuals trained in SEO, or rather Search Engine Optimization. This could mean Bloggers, Webmasters, Copywriters, etc. It’s not something that you need a full-blown education to do or understand, just the right tools and a quick tutorial really.

Researching Keywords gives you essential data regarding what people are typing into Search Engines like Google and Bing. From this information you can see things like:

  • How often various keywords are searched
  • How much traffic you can get through certain keywords
  • How much competition is out there
  • What the hottest keywords are for different search engines
  • ..And more! 

This is all extremely valuable data to anyone running a website or blog!

Without doing any Keyword Research (or having someone to do it for you) there’s a good chance your website may never get the traffic you desire. In fact, researching your keywords can only benefit you and your website.

Try It Right Now, Free Of Charge!

Below I have a sample version of the Jaaxy Keyword Tool coded right into the webpage for you to try out, completely hassle free. It’s an easy way for you to see how it works before you choose to sign up.

Personally I love being able to try things first before I invest time or money into them.

It will give you some sample keywords, and let you make a basic search but the results will be blurred out unless you sign up for a Free Membership. Thankfully, the Free Membership only requires a name and email to get started, no credit card needed.

Click Here To Start A Free Jaaxy Account Today!

How To Understand Your Search Results

At first glance, all the information that comes up might seem a bit intimidating if it’s your first time. But don’t worry, I’m going to break it all down for you.

Below I have an image showing the search results for how to fix a flat tire. 

jaaxy 2

Here’s what each label means:

  1. Keyword Search – This is where you search keywords that interest you. It can be one, or multiple words and the results are based on exact spelling.
  2. Keyword Results – This column shows the results for your chosen keyword(s), as well as a list of similar alternatives and their stats as well.
  3. Avg – The number of searches that keyword receives per month.
  4. Traffic – Visits to your site if you achieve first page rankings in a search engine.
  5. QSRQuoted Search Results, which is basically a number to represent how much competition you have for that keyword.
  6. KQIKeyword Quality Indicator, a simple one-word measurement of how good that keyword is. Green is great, yellow is okay, red is bad.
  7. SEO – A score out of 100 for how beneficial a keyword is, based on competition and potential traffic.

Domains is not really an important column for this tutorial, but it will show you if there are available domain names for that exact keyword.

And then you can see on the right side is a section for more “related searches” and the “brainstorm” option as well.

Earn $$ With The Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Not only is Jaaxy an amazing Keyword Tool, but they even have an Affiliate Program available to all members. 

This means you can earn money by referring people over to Jaaxy even if you’re a Starter Member. Check out the image below, straight from the website:

jaaxy 5

As you can see, I’ve entered some sample numbers on the right side. It will give you a basic idea of how well the payout is just for simply making a few referrals each month.

If you have a website that you use to discuss Affiliate Marketing or Keyword research like we do here at MHGS, this will no doubt be another valuable Affiliate program for you to benefit from!

Get Started With Jaaxy For Free Today!

What Are The Different Memberships?

In addition to the Starter Membership which is completely free, there are also a Premium and Enterprise Memberships as well. Check out the image below for more details:

As you can see, the Starter Membership is free but limits you to only 30 searches. It still offers some fantastic extras, like an Affiliate Program Search and a Website Analyzer, but you may find yourself hungry for more.

The Pro Membership is where the best bang for your buck, but will run you roughly $49/month. It offers faster speeds, unlimited searches, and 2000 SiteRank Analysis Scans, as well as some other goodies.

The Enterprise Membership offers an amazing toolkit, but even I don’t have a need for all that horsepower! That is for the most extreme SEO managers that don’t mind burning money for the absolute best.

The Best Deal On The Internet!

Here’s a little something they don’t tell you on the Jaaxy website, but you can get so much more than just the Keyword Research Tool for that $49/month.

What if I said for that price, you could get a Jaaxy Lite Membership (unlimited searches) plus the Best Affiliate Marketing Training on the internet, Website Hosting, Security, Tech Support, and be part of an awesome community of very supportive entrepreneurs?

Sounds too good to be true, right? I assure you it’s 100% the truth, thanks to the partnership between Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate offers the Best Online Marketing and Business training that you’ll find anywhere. Got a Blog or Website that you want to make money with? They’ll teach you everything from the ground up and hold your hand along the way.

Check Out My Wealthy Affiliate Review Here

I know I know, I give them a lot of praise on this site – but hey, that’s where I got the skills to be able to build this and other websites, and offer free training to people along the way. I love what they do for people there, and getting access to Jaaxy as part of your membership is pretty sweet, in my opinion!

The Wrap Up

So what do you guys think? Have you used Jaaxy before and have some thoughts to share? Leave me a comment down below because I would love to hear some opinions!

All in all I hope this was a helpful piece in keyword research overall, and gave you a reason to give Jaaxy a try! I know keyword research can seem complicated at first, but that’s because you often get more information than you need right at that moment in time. Just take from it what you need, and forget the rest I say.

Anyways, I’m gonna close out for the day. In the meantime I want to say happy selling and I wish you kind folks all the success in the world!


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