SquadHelp Review (2019) – Turning Creativity Into Cash!


Looking for an honest SquadHelp Review to decide if you want to sign up today? Come on down and we’ll take a closer look together.

Aloha, or Hello, and thank you for joining me here today! My name is Tyson and I’ll be the reviewer today for a very cool and unique service – SquadHelp!

If you’ve never heard of them, I won’t hold it against you! Until just a few weeks ago, I’ve not heard of them either. It was only on the suggestion of a colleague of mine that I take a look into the service and see what it entails.

Well now that I’ve had plenty of time to go over the details and test the product, I decided it was time to write a SquadHelp Review.

As always, the Final Verdict and other details will be at the end, as well as some alternative options to help you make money online. So let’s not waste any more time and get right into it!

What Is SquadHelp?squadhelp logo

SquadHelp is a platform for giving and receiving Professional naming and logo design help for your Brand, Company, or Mobile App. It brings both Creators (Merchants, Vendors) and Creatives (Individuals that come up with ideas) together so everyone can benefit in the end.

Creators will offer a reward in the form of a cash prize to the Creative that comes up with the best name or logo to meet the company’s needs.

Creatives are in charge of designing the name/logo, and will compete against other creatives to come up with the best ideas for each Creator.

Pretty straightforward, right? It’s actually as simple and easy as it sounds for a change. I know we deal with some pretty sketchy companies from time to time here at MHGS, but thankfully SquadHelp is completely legitimate.

SquadHelp has been around since 2011, helping companies come up with some amazing new names and paying out generous bounties for the hard work of their Creatives. They’ve helped over 14,000 companies with design, and have amassed a community of over 70,000 freelance designers to help make this possible.

Who Is SquadHelp For?

Well as you probably already guessed from the intro, SquadHelp is for those that need some creative assistance with their upcoming website, company, brand, or mobile app.


Creators – Merchants, Vendors, and Owners

Mainly it’s the naming, logo design, and searching for domains that you’ll be getting help with. You’ll be offering a reward to the community for their creative talents, and a deadline that the contest will end by. You’ll also be able to offer specific details regarding the design, and even examples of names that interest you.

As a Creator you can go into specific details such as:

– How many words for the title of your business?

– Do you require a .com domain name?

– What kind of impression should the name give?

– Are you open to creative misspellings for words? (Nu instead of New, for example)

I can definitely say this makes a world of difference when trying to find a good name for a company. The more details you provide, the easier it makes our job of supplying you with a catchy brand name.



Creatives – Designers, Freelancers, Creative Thinkers looking to make some extra cash

So this is exactly the other side of the fence, where I’ve had most of my experience with SquadHelp. You can sign up for a small entry fee of $5, and this gives you access to the Contests – Where Creators are offering money for your Creative Ideas.

At first, being brand new, you can only take part in a handful of suggested contests and will only be allowed to make up to 5 submissions per contest. Think of it kind of like a Trial stage until the staff determines that you’re an actual member making an effort.

So, the bottom line is that SquadHelp is for both those looking to spend some money to get assistance with their Professional Design needs, and those looking to make money using their creative talents.

How much can you make as a Creative?

Not to sound like a cop-out, but you know that ultimately depends on the efforts you’re willing to make and how creative you can be. Contest winners usually earn from $100-500 per contest, and you can submit mulitple entries per contest, and take part in several contests per day. So there’s a lot of opportunity there!

If you take a look at the Leaderboard for example, you’ll see people that have won around $50,000 just over the past year.

So that being said, you sure can knock it out of the park if you choose to work for it!

More Details And Features

Here’s a few other features that you may find interesting on the SquadHelp platform:

Sell your Domain names on the Premium Domain Marketplace

Got a great website name to sell, but not sure where to pawn it off? Check out the Premium Domain Marketplace where SquadHelp will meet you halfway by doing the heavy lifting for you.

You just need to submit a name, and the SquadHelp team will design a beautiful logo, register the domain, and get it on the market in front of thousands of potential buyers.

The Marketing Staff at SquadHelp has experience from over 20,000 brand-naming successes, and stands tall as the #1 naming platform on the internet. If anyone can get you a sale on your website, it’s them.

What’s the catch? Simple commission really, nothing shady at all. SquadHelp will take a percentage of the sale price for their efforts in the overall transaction.

Below is a chart from their website showing the commission breakdown:


As you can see, the more your domain sells for, the better your commission will be overall. More details can be found regarding selling domains here.

Full Guides on How to come up with Great Name

Interested in being a creative, but feel like you lack the talent to do a good job? There’s more support than you think.

SquadHelp has a number of Guides available to give you a creative and competitive edge, such as:

The Ultimate Guide: How to Come Up With a Business Name by Grant Polacheck (Marketing Director)

– How to Avoid Having a Cringey or Embarrassing Business Name by Meghan O’Toole (Author)

There’s some other great written pieces on the site as well, but I’ll leave you to explore that on your own if you so desire.

Trademark Filing Package

If you’re in the US and need a legal service for securing a potential name or logo for your business, then you’re in luck yet again.

SquadHelp has it’s own legal team of dedicated attorneys on hand, and will assess up to 3 names or 1 logo when you purchase the package. They’ll keep in contact with you by phone, text, and email and give you all the necessary information regarding company trademarking.

They’ll also be able to submit the trademark applications on your behalf, as in accordance with the US Patent and trademark Office (USPTO) and serve as your attorney on record.

I won’t get into any more detail, but I thought it was a neat service to offer in conjunction with everything else.

What Others Are Saying

I am happy to report that feedback across the web has been Very Positive, which is always good news when there are so many untrustworthy sites on the internet. Gotta love a good success story, right?

If you go to the Testimonials Section of the SquadHelp website, you’ll find endless amounts of glowing customer reviews and comments about the great service.

Here’s a snippet from the Reviews and Testimonials section (names are edited for respect of privacy)squadhelp feedback

But hey, don’t stop there if you don’t want to!

SquadHelp also has a 4.9 out of 5 rating on shopperapproved.com, based on 2500+ reviews. Pretty amazing stuff.


So all things said and done, SquadHelp is a fantastic service no matter which side of the fence you stand on – whether you’re looking to get some help to create the brand of your dreams, or you wish to use your creative juices to make some extra cash online.

Is it going to be an effective money maker if you’re trying to make a living on the internet?

It certainly can be as we discussed earlier, but for most it’ll just be a means to make a few hundred on the side each month or so. Like most things, you’ll have to really make use of the guides and learn to tap into your creative mindset and apply real effort if you want to succeed.

And then you have to consider that in the end, every contest submission you make (no matter how good or bad) is ultimately up the contest holder. That means it’s always going to be a gamble to make your money, instead of any kind of fixed income or guaranteed income.

However, the business is legit and easy to participate in and the entry fee is super cheap. The website is clean and easy to use, and there’s live support and guides available if you ever get stuck.

An Alternative To Make Money Online

As always I like to take the time to recommend ideas and services that will help you make money online, mainly for the purpose of providing alternative options to the reviewed product.

As it stands right now, for a small passive income on the side I would recommend SquadHelp and likely will continue to recommend them in the articles to come. Good businesses deserve respect.

But for something bigger, I suggest checking out my Review of Wealthy Affiliate University – an online platform that offers an amazing education in the art of making money online. They teach Affiliate Marketing, Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research, and a million other things that can turn you into a 6 or 7 figure earner on the internet.

So far it’s hands down the best way to make a living from home, or wherever you may be in the world.

Did I mention it’s 100% Free to Get Started? I love being able to sample products, and you should too!

That being said, give them a try if you’re serious about earning money online. I’ll leave it at that 🙂

Comments, Questions, Concerns?

If you have any experience with SquadHelp, share your stories down below! Your information is a great thing for others to benefit from and help the world around us.

Or if you just want to say hi, you can do that too!

Until next time, have an amazing day and all the best in your online money-making journey!











  • Very Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Useful Guides
  • Site Support always available


  • Some luck involved
  • Limited functions at start

4 thoughts on “SquadHelp Review (2019) – Turning Creativity Into Cash!”

  1. Hey Tyson, thanks for breaking down SquadHelp. These guys seem like an awesome opportunity to make money online. Although the company is legitimate, your alternative at the end of this article sounds like a much better way to go. I like the idea of affiliate marketing, recommending the product or service to your customers, building a site and whatnot. Sounds like much more creative project. Thanks again!

    • Hey thanks for the comment, and good to see you again!

      Yeah I do personally and professionally recommend learning affiliate marketing if you’re serious about succeeding online and being able to quit your day job. Some people just prefer a smaller endeavor that they can pick away at once in a while and make extra scratch, and platforms like SquadHelp are a good way to do that.

      Thanks for popping in and I hope to see you again soon!

  2. Very intersting platform. It is great to know that people can make money just from their talents. I think Squad Help is a better alternative to Fiverr since Fiverr is too broad and has a lot of unconfirmed authors. They can also get quite costly.
    I will definitely have them in mind with my future projects.

    • Hey Strahinja, thanks for the valuable input!

      Yes Fiverr is a bit of a mixed bag in my opinion, offering both positives and negatives for contractors and freelancers alike. I’ve never had to hire any writers from there, nor do I plan to anytime soon as I don’t like outsourcing work that I can do myself.

      Plus, it means more money saved in the end. Wisely handling your money is the key to a successful business 🙂

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