My 20 Dollar Travel Business Review (2019)


Today we’ll be doing a Review for My 20 Dollar Travel Business, and taking a good, hard look at how this business really works.

You may recall that recently I did a review for another business of a similar name – My 1 Dollar Business. As it turns out, the businesses are similar in more ways than just one. That includes being owned and operated by the same man, if you can imagine.

More on that later. For now we’ll be going over the finer points of why you should, or shouldn’t be getting involved with My 20 Dollar Travel Business.

What Is My 20 Dollar Travel Business?

My 20 Dollar Travel Business is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business model designed to get people to sign up as a monthly paying member, and refer new members to join the company as well. By referring new people to sign up, you will earn part of their monthly membership fee for yourself.

Pretty straightforward right? Let’s keep going.

Different Types of Memberships

If you choose to buy into this business, you have a few different options as for what kind of membership you can get. The more expensive the membership, the better the perks and commission you’ll receive.

Standard Member

– $1 per month to join

– Earn $0.50 per referral for the first month, and $0.25 each month thereafter

– Free Website, Savings, and Support

Automatically Upgrades to Gold Membership after 1 month

Gold Member

– $20 per month to join

– Earn $10 per gold membership referral for the first month, and $5 each month thereafter

– Access to Travel Engine – Book Travel Instantly

– Free Website, Savings, and Support


Platinum Member

– $100 per month to join

– Earn $50 per platinum membership referral for the first month, and $25 each month thereafter

– Everything that’s included in the Gold Membership

– Highest commission payout

– 25 bonus telephone leads (possible referrals)

– Ability to acquire points for each Platinum referral, leading to potential Dream and Global Vacations

– Free Leads Bonus (Limited Time)
As you can see, with more expensive memberships comes the possibility to earn more for your referrals. You’ll also get access to additional bonuses like warm sales leads and Dream Vacation Points.

The Standard Membership seems like a great buy-in at $1, but that’s only for your first month and then you’re forced to upgrade to a Gold Membership. It’s something to watch out for!

Next we’ll take a quick look at the owner and what he’s all about.

Who Is Behind My 20 Dollar Travel Business?steve gresham

The CEO and founder of My 20 Dollar Business goes by the name of Steve Gresham.

He’s the same guy that also founded My 1 Dollar Business, and Savings Highway in the past. I did a review for My 1 Dollar Business recently (check it out here) despite it having recently gone under.

Savings Highway reviews can be found throughout the internet, however we chose not to do one as it is quite old news at this point and probably wouldn’t be helpful to anyone either.

The 3 separate businesses all took a very similar approach – Pay a membership, recruit new members, earn money and discounts on services. As time has passed, Steve has upped his sales game and improved on his pitch, but is still trying to make money off what is a very Pyramid shaped business model.

And that brings us to our next part..

How Does My 20 Dollar Business Actually Work?

To be frank: Not for very long, if at all.

The problem with this type of business is that it is created with an expiration date already looming in the background. Because of the pyramid-shaped referral system, there are only so many possible referrals that can be acquired before the business collapses in on itself.

So let’s look at the numbers for a second. You can recruit people to buy memberships in what is referred to as a 2×10 matrix. That means you can recruit 2 people, and those 2 can recruit 2 more each, and those 4 can refer 2 more.. and so on, up to 10 levels in total.

The claims on the website regarding how much you can make are based on the assumption you’d be able to fill the 2×10 matrix with paying referrals. That’s over 2000 memberships you’d have to push, and it means maintaining the ones you’ve already earned.

But eventually the possible market for new recruits gets to be real thin, because everyone has already been sold a membership. Then there’s no more money to left to be made, and the company collapses.

Even the additional incentives such as travel discounts and dream vacation points won’t be worth anything because your income will eventually dry up.

Consider that “My 1 Dollar Business” was created in 2016, and has been shut down for a little while now. Even knowing that this business functions in a near-identical way, do you think the ending will be any different?

Paid Actors and Actresses For Your Promotional Videos? No Way!

C’mon Steve, some of us can see right through this rubbish.


As it turns out, the women featured in the videos on the website are just paid actresses. You can pick them up for your own promotional needs over at, if you want to go that route. They go by the handle “adtwins” if you want to look ’em up.

I mean they are pretty cute and all, hey do you think they would do some promos for MHGS? Hah! Only kidding, guys.

What Others Are Saying

Honest reviews around the web have not been overly kind, calling out this service for what it is – a Pyramid Scheme and an attempt to revive a failed business venture once again. Unfortunately, phony reviews and testimonials are popping up as well.

You can tell which ones are fake pretty quickly, as a pre-built website comes as part of your membership that you can use to recruit more members. It’s pretty copy and paste kind of stuff and these websites have nothing but amazing things to say about the business.

Shocker, right? It’s just a transparent attempt by the members to recruit more members.

My 20 Dollar Business also claims to have a search engine that has an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for the past 23 years. Interesting though, as this business is not even a year old and overall has no rating with the BBB yet. More to the point, the previous My 1 Dollar Business had a D+ rating. Be careful with your money, folks.


This is not an investment I would make if I were you, and I such I’m going to toss this one in the Not Recommended category.

I don’t recommend any business, service, or product that I consider to be of the Pyramid or Ponzi variety. That kind of business strategy is a short term, self-destructive type that never ends well for the consumers as a whole.

People are easily roped in by the possibility of making absurd amounts of money, but in reality very few ever do in situations like these.

If you’re looking for a more secure and sustainable way to make money, I’ll give a few suggestions in this next section.

An Alternative To Make Money Online

Making money online doesn’t have to be hard, but it seems that way when there are so many shady companies and sales tactics used online. Personally I don’t recommend going with these guys that promise you riches in return for basically nothing. It’s very rarely even close to being that easy.

So what can you do? Here’s a few options, both for smaller short-term earnings and a larger, long-term income:

Short Term – Weekend Money

If short-term, quick cash is more appealing to you, I’d recommend going onto a site like Fiverr and starting an account. People are online all day and night looking for potential freelancers like yourself to fill a role. You could make videos, write articles, do translate work, and so much more. You can set your own wages and work on your time, making same-day money if you apply your skills.

Another good choice is SquadHelp, a site where creative minds can sign up and start helping companies come up with names and/or logo designs. The best ones are picked for each contest, and the winners earn hundreds for simply coming up with names! Full Review can be found here.

Long Term – Full Time Income

If you want to make money online that you can eventually retire with, and live on your own terms, I suggest starting a website and learning how to use it to earn a passive income. With the right knowledge and training, you can earn money from affiliate sales, ad revenue, and many other means. You’ll have your own slice of internet real estate to bring money in with, to which you’ll be completely in charge of.

For the best training on the internet, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. They are completely free to get started, and offer the best training and tools on the web. No experience or special skills required, you just have to make the effort.

==> Read My Full Review Here <==

They even give you 2 free websites to start learning the ropes with, and all the knowledge required to turn a website into a money-making machine. It’ll take some learning and effort, but if you’re serious about making money on the internet then Wealthy Affiliate is the kind of place you want to be.

Lastly, I want to say thanks for stopping by and reading my review of My 20 Dollar Travel Business! If you have any comments, concerns or stories to share, leave me a comment below!

Whatever your goals online may be, I wish you all the success in the world.


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