My 1 Dollar Business Review – Is It Too Good To Be True?


My 1 Dollar Business Review, facts, testimonials, and why you might want to stay away from this product.

Hello and thank you for joining me here today. My name is Tyson and I’ll be your Internet Watchdog for this review where we cover Steve Gresham’s “My 1 Dollar Business” in all it’s glory.

Update: We’ve also written a review for Steve Gresham’s newest business which you can check out here.

Maybe glory isn’t a great word for this service, considering everything I’m about to share with you. Sure it sounds like an easy way to make money fast, but don’t they always? The truth is: It never goes that way, and making money online takes time and effort. Anyone that says otherwise is a cheat and a liar. Try to keep that in mind.

Before I dive right into it I would like to mention a couple things first:

1. If you have information about the products/services in question, leave a comment down below so we can all get in on the discussion. The more info we have on a subject, the better off readers will be in the end.

2. If you want to succeed online and make money the right way, I always offer suggestions at the end of the review, especially when I’m reviewing a particularly sketchy product. Nobody deserves to be caught in an internet scam.

And for the record, this is less of a traditional review and more of a Public Service Announcement, as I’m I’m not even sure you can still sign up for this little investment scheme. However, people are still searching for it online and I think they deserve to know what they’re getting into.

Alright, no more wasting time. Let’s take a closer look!

What Is My 1 Dollar Business?

My 1 Dollar Business is the evolutionary step of Steve Gresham’s previous internet business failure – Savings Highway. I unfortunately don’t have a review for that product, but I can say with full certainty that I’ve never heard anything good regarding it.

It was widely considered a scam online and eventually fell apart like most pyramid schemes do. But that wasn’t enough to stop Steve from trying again, unfortunately.

With My 1 Dollar Business you’ll be able to buy a membership for only $1 per month and start making referral sales from there on. Supposedly you’ll get $0.2 monthly for each referral you get and by that logic, you’ll break even after a mere 5 sales right?

Oh wait, you can actually buy into more expensive memberships referred to as Phases.

Phase 1 has you paying $10 per month, but you’ll make $2.50 monthly from referrals.

Phase 2 would cost you $20 per month, but again the rewards keep growing.

Phase 3 and onwards continues to scale the risk vs reward, allowing you to earn even more money.

Aha! Sorry, but it never goes that way with scams like these. This is what we refer to as a Pyramid Scheme, and do you know what happens to Pyramid Schemes?

They topple over eventually, and the business collapses, and everyone loses in the end. That’s why they’re illegal.

Who’s Behind My 1 Dollar Business?steve gresham

Steve Gresham, formerly of Savings Highway, then My 1 Dollar Business, and eventually (currently) of My 20 Dollar Business.

These kinds of people never give up, do they?

Considering I’ve called Steve a scam artist before, I don’t recommend investing in any of his products. Each of his businesses seems oddly similar to the one before it, and that in itself should be a red flag for you as a consumer.

But let’s continue with My 1 Dollar Business and we’ll cover the newer version at a later date.

How Does My 1 Dollar Business Actually Work?

The claims by the company are pretty straightforward: You buy a membership from the company starting at $1 per month, and begin recruiting others to invest as well.

As your members pay their monthly fees, you receive a small cut of what they pay.

You can buy a more expensive membership, in the form of higher phases for the purpose of increasing your earning potential each month. Get your recruited members to upgrade as well, and you’ll start receiving an even larger profit.

The thing is, well there’s actually a couple things wrong here.

What starts out as a $1 membership, eventually can turn into something closer to $200 a month. Of course it’s a risk vs reward type of system, but that doesn’t justify it as a good idea.

There’s also the issue of there being no retail products that you can actually buy from the company, you can only push memberships which technically makes this a pyramid scheme. And as we know, pyramid schemes are designed to break over time, being totally incapable of sustaining itself as the numbers grow.

There are claims saying that certain bonuses are offered to successful recruiters in the form of coupons, shopping concierge, travel and vacation plans, personal development kits, and so on. That unfortunately isn’t enough to make this a legitimate business model.

And I haven’t been able to find any informmation regarding customers actually receiving these special perks or not. So the jury is still out on that one.

What Others Are Saying

In ten words or less: Stay away if you value your money.

In my research, i have not come across a single good review of Steve Gresham’s My 1 Dollar Business. My colleagues are also in favor of finding a better way to make money online, as this just isn’t looking like a good idea.

I wasn’t able to track down any information by the Better Business Bureau regarding this business, but then again there’s always some that fly under the radar.

In cases like that, Google is your friend and don’t be afraid to read a few different reviews before coming to a conclusion.


Truth be told, for this review i couldn’t even get any hands-on experience with the service because even the website has been abandoned.


As you can see from the image above, Steve had the old website changed to redirect people to his new business instead. But even worse than that, it’s been left out to dry for so long that it is on the verge of being shut down.

Sure doesn’t make me want to invest in his company, I dare say and it’s another red flag for you as well.

The Final Verdict: 0/5 – We don’t give very nice ratings to “get rich quick” and “pyramid” schemes. It’s an automatic zero if I even choose to put a score at all.

An Alternative To Make Money Online

We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to make money online, but what are you supposed to do when so many websites and online businesses turn out to be shady, or worse, a straight up scam?

I have some advice if you’re looking for a bit of guidance:

Give up on the dream of doing next to nothing, and getting rich fa. That’s not how it works and anyone telling you otherwise should give their head a shake. It takes a fair bit of effort and patience, but there’s plenty of ways to get that passive income that you’ve been looking for so don’t worry.

Here’s a Tried and True formula that I’ve used multiple times now and it’s been great to me so far:

1. Find Your Niche: Are you into Fitness? Raising Pets? Self-Help? Video games? It can really be whatever you want, and you never have to limit yourself to one thing. I’m just trying to get some ideas flowing for you. Figure out your passions and interests for this first part.

2. Create a Website: This will serve as your own personal slice of online real estate. With your own website, you’ll be able to bring audiences in however you please, and sell to them anything you’d like. Of course, that’s where finding your niche is important. Don’t push pet food ideas on a video game website, haha.

3. Sign Up For Relevant Affiiate Programs: Thankfully there are thousands of Affiliate Programs on the internet. You can go with smaller, less popular ones that may offer a bigger commission for your sales, or with the bigger and more popular companies like Amazon and Walmart which will almost guarantee you make a profit.

4. Give it Everything You Have!: Write Blog Posts, make guides for people, create YouTube videos, share everything on Social Media, and really just do everything within your power to increase your sales. The more you do, the more people you’ll be able to reach, and ultimately the more money you can make.

But in the end you may be worried that creating and managing a website is too hard, or you just don’t know how, and for that I have one more recommendation: A review for my highest rated program.

It’s for a website called Wealthy Affiliate, and as it stands, they have my highest recommendation when it comes to teaching people to make money online. You’ll receive all the training you could ever need whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran in online business.

Pair that with website design, hosting, an awesome community, and research tools that will take you to the top, and you have literally everything you need to start working from home – the right way.

Anyways, that’s enough from me today.

If you’re looking for more free tips, check out my Tools and Resources page or check out more Reviews.

Until next time, stay safe online and I wish you all the best!


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