How To Use Clickbank And Make Money – 4 Easy Steps!


Looking for a legit walkthrough on How to use Clickbank and Make Money? Read this guide to help you get started in minutes.

Hello folks, Tyson here with and today we’re going to cover what it takes to get started making money with Clickbank.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is a platform (website) made for both Vendors and Affiliate Marketers to benefit from, giving the tools and knowledge needed to make money online regardless of which side of the fence you’re on.

They have been around for over 2 decades and have several million clients from all around the world. Each year they pay out ridiculous amounts of money and have been grown into a hugely successful marketing platform.

As a Vendor, you can sign up to Clickbank and use it as a personal marketplace complete with tools and resources to help get your products out to an audience of potential buyers. You can sell your products both digital and physical, create sales pages, and assign commission for other marketers to push your goods for you.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you’ll be the one promoting and pushing sales for whichever Vendors you choose. If you like a certain product or find it fits into your niche, you can get the links and other advertising tools needed to promote it and start making money as the middleman.

Pretty straightforward, right? If not, this is for you:

Clickbank University

Clickbank now offers full-fledged training in the form of Clickbank University. You can go through a detailed series of training videos from Clickbank experts on how to effectively sell their products and grow your business like the pros do.

Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz are in charge of the courses, and they’re a couple self-made millionaires that rose to fame by being very successful in the Clickbank Marketplace. If you want to follow in their footsteps, I recommend taking a look at the CB University program and see what it can do for you.

But it’s time to get back to the guide, and the first step will be opening a free Clickbank account!

1. Start a Free Clickbank Account

First you need to head on over to the Clickbank website and get started with the “Create Account” tab.


Once you’ve done that, you’re going to have some pretty standard forms to fill out to get your account going.

It’s all pretty standard stuff like we covered in the Amazon Associates program, so don’t be nervous about handing out your personal details here. They kind of need it to be able to properly pay you, after all.

clickbank 2

And then you’ll have some bank information to enter as well:

clickbank 3I made the red text nice and large to emphasize that the required fields need to be completed.

And for the love of God Please Read the Terms of Service! So many people get banned from Clickbank every year because they skip the ToS and end up doing something that breaks their contract. Don’t be one of those people!

After filling that out, you’ll have one more screen where you choose a Username and Password for your personal login. Then you’ll be given access to the Main Page where you can start digging through Marketplace offers and the like.

clickbank 4

But before you do any promoting, please do these last couple things:

1. Validate your email address!

2. Fill out your Tax Information for Clickbank (If requested)

Then you’ll be good to go! Remember, I’m just trying to make sure you get paid here.

2. Find Products To Promote

This is where it starts to get fun, now that all the boring stuff is out of the way.

From the Main Page, head on up to the marketplace (located on the upper menu along the top)

clickbank 5

Once you’re in the Marketplace you can follow the directions in the middle of the page, the dive right into the Categories along the left side of the screen.

As you can see, there’s quite a few to choose from and you should be able to find some kind of products that will fit into your chosen business.

For this example, let’s go with Cooking, Food & Wine and see what’s available.clickbank 6

That’s a lot of information to look through! But by no means is that a bad thing, as information and data is essential to any Affiliate Marketer that hopes to make money.

On the left side we have some options for filters, allowing you to sort out the products in various ways like Initial Sale, Rebill, or Gravity (which is a fancy term for popularity).

As for the remainder of the page right down the middle, you’ll see a selection of offers to choose from. Each product has a full description underneath the name, as well as the stats relating to payout and popularity.

The other symbols underneath the product stats represent things like the product language, one-time billing, and do on. Just hover your mouse over them for more details.

By clicking on the Promote button, you’ll be able to get links and sometimes more information about the product too.

At that point, you’re free to go promote the product on your website or otherwise and start making some sales!

3. Decide Which Platform To Sell From

Now that we’ve got signed up for Clickbank and have access to the products, it’s all easy stuff from here.

The next thing you have to do is figure out where you want to promote the goods and services!


This is the preferred choice for most Affiliate Marketers that I’ve known, building a website and essentially either using it as a storefront or promoting the products in a blog, or both!

Your website, your rules. Having the freedom to set it up the way that you want with no fear of getting banned from something like a Social Media platform is pretty nice too.

Where do you get a website?

There’s a number of places that you can go on the internet to get a website started, some of which offer website building tools and resources to get you moving faster.

Typically you’d have to sign up for web hosting on one website, then purchase a domain elsewhere, then hunt down the tools and plugins required to design and polish the whole thing.

Maybe it would be a bit quicker if you’d taken 6-12 months of web design and HTML courses in college, right?

Wrong. Here’s my recommendation if you’re serious about making a website and selling from it:

My #1 Recommendation for Mking Money Online

It’s a Full Review that I’ve written for the Wealthy Affiliate Program. They offer everything from website hosting, domain purchasing, affiliate marketing and business training, website support, research tools, and an awesome in house referral program that you can make a lot of money from.

It’s hands-down the best choice for Affiliate Marketing training that I’ve ever come across, and they offer a Free Trial as well, so you can try the services out before spending anything.

But what if you don’t have, or want to manage a website? We have options!


It’s super easy to start a YouTube channel these days, all you need is to head over to and set up an account (which takes only a few seconds).

From there you can make videos and upload them to the platform, free of charge! You can talk about or even review the Clickbank products in the video, and don’t forget to leave links in the description so people can buy!

It might take a little getting used to, but there are a lot of Influencers on YouTube that sell products from places like Amazon and Clickbank. If you don’t mind making videos, I’d say go for it!

Social Media

Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are good places to get the attention of many people all at once, and again it’s Free Advertising for you to benefit from!

Make compelling posts for your audience, give them a reason to buy the products that you’re selling, but be careful to not go overboard on the sales pitches. I recommend doing one sales pitch for every 3-4 other posts you’d make.

That way people don’t think you’re just a spambot looking for clicks. Show your human side too!

4. Give It Everything You Have!

We’ve covered how to set up a clickbank account, where to get the products, and how to promote them. That is basically everything you need to know in order to get started making money with Clickbank!

Of course, there’s always going to be an art to selling things and it often takes a few misses before you ever land a hit.

That being said, don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes along the way! Figuring out your approach and a method that works for you will take time and that’s okay. Even the best Affiliates I’ve ever known had to go through the same process of failing before you can succeed.


Remember that if you need more training on how to be a successful in Affiliate Marketing, feel free to check out Clickbank University or my Review of Wealthy Affiliate. Knowledge is Power!

Lastly, if you’ve had experience relating to anything I’ve discussed here today, leave me a comment down below and I’d be happy to chat more.

Best of luck on your sales journey!



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