How To Become An Amazon Associate – The Complete Guide


Find out How to Become an Amazon Associate and start making money promoting Amazon products right now!

Hello all and thanks for joining me here today where we’ll be going through a full walkthrough on the Amazon Associates Program and how to get signed up. I also have some other useful tips and resources at the end as well.

My name is Tyson and I’ve been using the Amazon Associates Program for a while now, as it is a very easy way to monetize your Website, Blog, or Social Media following in only a matter of minutes. I love how easy it is to get started, and how quickly you’ll have access to millions of products to promote.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

What Is Amazon?

Oh geez, where do I even begin with this one? Let’s go with the 30,000 foot view for this summary:

Amazon is the leading brand for E-commerce and Online Retail, having grown into a massive tech giant and effectively ruling the industry since its humble beginnings about 25 years ago. It is owned and ran by Jeff Bezos, who many consider to be the among the wealthiest men in the world.

Basically, Amazon is to the Online world what Walmart is to the offline world, but even bigger. And much easier to deal with.

They carry millions of products, both physical and digital, and sell to countries all around the world. They offer pretty much everything and anything you can think of – Food, Clothing, Electronics, Books, Video Games, Toys, etc. The list goes on for days and days.

Why Become An Amazon Associate?

1. They’re not going anywhere soon. Amazon essentially owns the world of Online Shopping and are always finding ways to expand their service. So it’s a secure business to be sending your paycheques for sure.

2. The Product Catalog is massive. No other store offers the amount of products that Amazon does.

3. The Entry Requirements are very low. To get started as an Amazon Associate, you basically just need a website or Social Media following. I’ll talk more about that as we go further.

Next we’ll be going into the steps to get started.

Step 1: Get On Over To The Website And Start The Application

Amazon has a specific platform designed specifically for Associates, found here at

Go ahead and head on over and you’ll be met with a page that looks like this:

amazon associate

To get started, just scroll on down to where it says “Join” and click Join Now to get started (Amazon Account Required).

It will prompt you to log into your Amazon Account, and if you don’t have one yet you can set one up right there – see the image associate 2 You’ll have to verify your email and set a password for yourself before you can continue. After you do that, there’ll be a pretty standard form to fill out requiring your name, address, etc.

It looks like this:

amazon associate 3

It’s all easy stuff that you probably know right off the top of your head.

Next we’ll go onto where you declare what platform you’ll be selling from (website, mobile app, etc).

Step 2: What Platform Will You Be Promoting From?

This part is pretty simple as well, and the entry requirements are a lot lower than some other Affiliate Programs or even Ad Programs for that matter.

amazon associate 4

With the Amazon Associates Program, there is virtually no entry requirements to get started. As long as you have a Website, Blog, or Mobile App you’re good to go.

Amazon does claim that “websites must be fully developed prior to the review“, meaning that they will take a look to see if your website or blog is up and running first. However, they generally don’t care if you’re still new and not getting traffic yet and will still approve the application.

If you intend to promote products and get commission from something like a Facebook Fan Page or Twitter instead of a website, you can still apply but need to give them a link (URL) to your respective account or page.

Supposedly they’ll check to see if you have a significant enough following on your Social Media account to qualify, but the specific requirements aren’t stated.

Step 3: Creating Your Profile!

This next section is all the essential information regarding what products you’ll be promoting and how you’ll be doing it as well. Don’t forget to hover your cursor over the “these instructions” words for more info before you get started.

It’s mostly dropdown boxes and simple questions to answer, just be honest and don’t fret if you’re not 100% sure on how to respond.

For many people, Amazon is their first Affiliate Program so there’s bound to be questions.

amazon associate 5amazon associate 6

Again, don’t get too hung up on the questions – just answer them as best you can for the time being.

If you have an idea already of what types of products you’ll be promoting (Electronics, Health/Beauty, etc) that’s perfect. If not, just check off the boxes that seem interesting to you.

If Amazon is your first Affiliate Program for the website in question, just choose that response under the “How do you utilize your websites and apps to generate income” question.

Regarding the unique visitors question, don’t be afraid to apply even if your website is still new and you’re in the lowest traffic bracket. I’ve been accepted for several blog sites that were still quite new and fell into the lowest visitor count possible.

Next we’ll be wrapping up the application and heading over to the Tax Information section.

Step 4: Tax Information

Once you have all the questions for the application all filled out and you’ve read the Terms of Service, you should be getting a screen that looks like this:

amazon associate 7

There are a few key things to point out here:

1. You’ve now been granted access to the Amazon Associates Central! Congrats!

This means you can now start digging through the products and tools offered by Amazon to find what will work best for your preferred platform. There will be product linking tools, banner ads, a learning center, and more. There’s a lot to dig through, but before you do that, you should fill out your tax information.

2. Enter your Payment and Tax Information

As you can see right on the bottom of that image, there’s a prompt to enter your tax info either now or later. Do it as soon as you can because it will be required in order to get paid by Amazon. We all enjoy making money, so get that done so you can start bringing in some cash.

3. Minimum Qualified Sales

As you can see again from the previous image, there is a minimum Sales Target to reach if you’d like to remain in the Amazon Associates Program. It doesn’t say upfront, but you just need at least One Sale to keep your account open – otherwise it will close if you’re unable to produce a sale in 180 days.

6 months to close a single sale? Easy stuff right, you got this! And even if it doesn’t happen for whatever reason, don’t worry because you can just reapply and get accepted again at no charge.

Other Things Worth Mentioning

I just want to take a closer look at some of the features you have available to you now as part of the Amazon Associates Program.

Finding Products and Getting Links Made Easy

Right from the front page of the Amazon Associates Central hub, you can search up products and get links in the easiest way possible.

I searched “chair” in the search bar, and I got lots of options as a result as well as quick access to links. These links have your Amazon ID all ready to go so you can set them on your website, blog, or social media to start earning commission.

amazon associate 8

You can also search products by Category by choosing the “Browse Products” tab (top right of the image). It’s a good way to get some ideas flowing if you’re not sure what to search.

Analytic Tools to help you track your progress

The Amazon Associates main page also shows all your analytical data too, if you scroll down a bit further.

amazon associate 9

Obviously this is a brand new account that I’ve created today for the tutorial, so there’s no data available just yet. However, it has everything I need for this lesson, so let’s take a look at it.

On the left side you’ll see your Earnings Overview, which uses a graph to show how many clicks you receive on the links that you place on your respective platforms. It will also show how many of those clicks turn into sales! Exciting, right?

On the right side we have a Basic Summary that just gives you the straight numbers for the month. It’s a quick and easy “glance” at your recent earnings.

This data is essential when tracking your links, and will give you some insight as to what products are actually selling for you and what you’re making in commission.

Useful Resources and Tips to Help You Improve

At the very bottom of the page in the Footer Menu, there’s a number of good articles and resources that will no doubt be useful to anyone just getting started in the Amazon Associates Program. There’s an Associates Blog and Performance Tips to give you an advantage over the competition, so feel free to read up!

There’s also a “Help” section on the toolbar at the very top of the page too, in case you get stuck or have some questions that haven’t been answered yet.

The Wrap-Up

And that pretty much sums up the Amazon Associates Program in a quick and simple tutorial, folks. I hope I was able to shed some light on how to get started and answer some of the questions you may have had prior to starting.

Extra Tips and Resources

If you’re new to the world of Affiliate Marketing, and want to learn what it takes to be an amazing Amazon Associate, you should check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an online platform that teaches hundred’s of thousands of Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Online Business Owners everything you need to be successful.

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You’ll learn the most up-to-date strategies for selling and advertising online, whether it be for your website or social media. It’s free to get started, and will give you an education in Making Money Online that you can’t get anywhere else.

Anyways, if you’ve had experience with the Amazon Associates program and have any tips to share, drop me a comment down below! I’m always up for a discussion about good Affiliate Programs and how they can help grow your own successful business.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!


6 thoughts on “How To Become An Amazon Associate – The Complete Guide”

  1. My first affiliate commission was through the Amazon Associates program. It’s almost unbelievable how easy it is to get started. I totally agree with you, they’ve been dominating the online retail, and they’ll stay on the top for many years to come! Definitely worth of joining. I have some ideas for the future and will come back to your site for more info!

    • The Amazon Associates program is a great starting point for anyone just learning the art of Affiliate Marketing! They have a nice big selection of products and offer a good set of tools to help you promote the products as well!

  2. Wow, this is something I am looking for – great article. Please, can you provide more info about ”onelink” ? I understood that you can earn for multiple areas if you use it, but i am very confused… Maybe I should first create an Amazon USA account?
    Many thanks,

    • Thanks for stopping by, Florin!
      That’s a great idea actually, I’ll make a separate article for Onelink that I’ll go into in more detail but I’ll give the quick-notes here:
      1. Sign up for an Amazon account for each region you’d like to sell to.
      2. Go to the One Link webpage, log in, and use your user IDs to link your accounts.
      3. Grab the javascript bit of code they give you and head back over to your website.
      4. Install the plugin “insert headers and footers” and use that to insert the code into your website’s footer section.
      If you did it all correctly, you should have your Amazon links start redirecting users to their respective country’s Amazon store. And you’ll make commission from those other countries now too without having to insert a dozen regional-specific links to each of your pages.

      I’ll do a more detailed article with pictures soon, but I hope that helped in the meantime!

  3. Great read and review on how to sign up to the program. I am just looking to sign up to this and now I can use your brilliant guide to help me through and maybe ask you some questions if I’m unsure of anything! Thank you for the guidance 🙂

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