Direct Mail Pro Review – Peter Wolfing Strikes Again!


Have you heard of the recent Direct Mail Pro investment opportunity and wonder if it’s legit or not? Something is telling me to hold on to my money. Peter Wolfing has a bit of a history of putting together some rather fragile businesses, and costing innocent people money in the end with his shady sales tactics.

That all being said, hello one and all and thank you for joining me here today! My name is Tyson, and as usual I’ll be playing the part of internet watchdog, where we sniff out trouble and take a bite out of bad business practices. This time it’s all about Direct Mail Pro – an investment opportunity that seems too good to be true. And when it seems that way on the internet, it usually is!

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And as always, at the end I’ll go over the best way to make money online so you don’t have to get burned by getting involved with any less-than-savoury companies. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

What Is Direct Mail Pro?

Direct Mail Pro is a program that you can buy into that provides the means (and some training) to then turn around and sell said program to others. The more expensive the package you buy is, the more money you can make selling the program to others. More expensive tiers of membership also offer some additional goodies, like a book or water bottle. What a deal!

That’s a far more straightforward answer than you’re going to get through most other reviews, or even the website itself. There tends to be a lot of fluff information out there designed to confuse people into paying for a product that will supposedly “generate money” for them, yet not enough about what the product/service is that you’re actually paying for.

Anyway, let’s continue on with the Sales Pitch.

As I mentioned there are several Tiers that you can buy-in at, ranging from $250 to $5000. The lowest Tier is called Kickstarter, which will get you the following:

– 3 GB USB Stick

– Travel/Event Certificates

– Aluminum Water Bottle

– DMP Magazine

– A Book written by Peter Wolfing himself (supplies limited)

– “Other cool stuff” (not really sure what that could mean)

(All included products with your package come shipped to you in a ready-to-go “business in a box” format.)

The USB Stick is said to contain information and training regarding how you can become successful selling this program to others. The more expensive your package, the better info you’ll get on your USB Stick. Everything else is basically trinkets and add-ons being sold to you at a massive markup price.

Funny enough, Peter himself can’t even guarantee that you’ll get the advertised books that’s offered on the website.

Each Tier above Kickstarter offers additional goodies, like another book (depending on supplies), daily planner, laptop bag, and even a laptop (VIP Tier only, which costs $5000) but gives no specs, make, or model on said laptop. It could be a $50 second-hand pawn shop computer for all we know. Again you barely know what you’re actually getting with this program.

Here’s the full breakdown of the offers from the website:direct mail pro 3Pretty expensive buy-in if you ask me. Minimum $250 purchase for a water bottle, couple books, and some information.

Who Is Behind Direct Mail Pro?peter wolfing

The Owner and Creator of this program happens to be the one and only Peter Wolfing. You may be familiar with that name if you’ve been looking up ways to make money online in the past, as he is known for a few other tried-and-failed programs like this over the years.

Such programs include Turbo Cycler, Ultimate Cycler, UEconomy, Business Toolbox, and several more. Many of which were very poorly received and came crashing down quickly thanks to unsustainable business models and shady practices – like we’re dealing with here.

Wolfing talks a big game, claiming to have written many books over the years and made himself and others lots of money, but multiple failed businesses speak for themselves no matter how many fake reviews and paid testimonials you have on the web. That’s why research is so important before you go throwing money at things.

How Does Direct Mail Pro Actually Work?

Well, you can say that Direct Pro Mail is basically a Pyramid Scheme that is trying quite hard to pretend it’s not. There’s not really retail products included in your package, unless you think the water bottle and computer bag qualify as such, and if so good luck making your $250 – $5000 back with that.

What you’re paying for mainly is training that you’ll use to get other people to give this same company their money. You’ll make money (40% commission) from recruiting them, and an additional $20 when they recruit others as well. Eventually there won’t be people left to recruit, and the company goes belly-up – like every other Pyramid Scheme in existence.

direct mail pro

That means more people stand to lose money than make money with this business model. You’ve been warned!

What Are Others Saying?

This is an interesting subject in itself, or so I’ve found during my research. Like most of Peter Wolfing’s schemes, Direct Mail Pro has been on the receiving end of much deserved criticism.

Honest reviews and opinions will tell you that Peter Wolfing has a rather shady history and go into detail as to why you should avoid Direct Mail Pro, and other companies started by him. They also sometimes note the problem with buying a product that gives you very little details on how it works, which should always be avoided.

There’s even several complaints from anonymous sources stating that they’ve been unable to receive their owed payments from Peter’s previous companies. Verified or not, that’s never a good look for a business.

Fake Reviews and Opinions

There are however a number of fake reviews and testimonials kicking around the internet, praising Wolfing for being such a successful Business Owner and Entrepreneur, as well as doubling as one big sales pitch for his questionable products. Some of which claim to be good personal friends with Wolfing, or even work directly for him. That doesn’t come across as biased at all (sarcasm).

Overall, I’d say across Peter Wolfing’s numerous companies there has been more bad reviews than good. Again that explains why these companies tend to fall apart so quickly, just to be replaced a short while later. Good companies grow and the people involved grow with them, not collapse and take you along for the ride.

BBB – Better Business Bureau

Currently there is no rating for “Direct Mail Pro” in the BBB database. One might argue whether that is a bad sign or not, but honestly there are many companies that manage to fly under that radar, both good and bad.

What does bother me is the claim that “over the past 2 decades, millions of people have said yes to this system”, but this company hasn’t even been up and running for half that long. Heck, nobody has even heard of Direct Mail Pro until this year!


I’m going to go ahead and say it’s time to move on from Direct Mail Pro, folks. It’s not a good opportunity to make money online, or anywhere for that matter. The business model is built to fail no matter how sharp the website looks, how many fake reviews pop up, or how much hot air gets blown your way.

Even if you intend to promote this product and stand to make some extremely time-limited money that’s available, you’ll quickly end up without company to promote after the inevitable collapse. Even worse – you’re encouraging others to sign up for what is basically a Pyramid Scheme and ensuring their failure as well. Don’t be that person.

An Alternative To Make Money Online

As I mentioned earlier, I’d be taking some time here at the end to provide some knowledge on how you can actually get started making money online. Fair warning, this is not some get-rich-quick scheme and will require you to actually put some time and effort in. Not an overwhelming amount, but you do have to make the effort. The end result will be a passive income that you’ll be able to support yourself and your family with from anywhere, just using a computer and the internet.

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