About Tyson


Hey there, thanks for stopping by my website!

My name is Tyson and I’m a Full-Time Affiliate Marketer on the internet. You may have seen me around various forums or even on other websites, sharing my opinions about various products and services.

If not, that’s okay! It just means I have more work to do getting my name out there. Even the rich and famous start somewhere! =)

I talk about and review products and services that relate to making money online, seeking to spread the knowledge and skills I acquire to my fellow readers. I realize that the internet is loaded with shady online businesses, and I instead seek to create a safe haven on the internet where people can discuss these things freely.

One thing to know about me is, despite being in marketing, not every product I review is going to get a glowing recommendation. If I come across a scam, I’m going to call it like I see it. And I’d like you fine folks to do the same, as this kind of education is meant to save people from being taken advantage of.

That’s the website in a nutshell, now I’ll share my story as well.

A Little Bit About Me

Oh geez, where do I start? Maybe we’ll start with a brief trip down memory lane. I’ll try not to be boring, I promise!

My journey started back about 12 years ago when I was attending college and not exactly having the time of my life. I was really only taking classes because it was something my parents absolutely demanded I do, but in reality I had no idea what my interests were.

I spent a lot of my time cutting classes, partying, and even just going to the gym to get away from things.

But one other thing I did in my free time was act as a volunteer Forum Moderator for an up-and-coming video game website at the time. I made no money from it, but it was hands-down the coolest job I ever had. In reality, it was the kind of job I wanted, but in no way related to what I was studying for in College.

So I did what any irrational 18 year old does when they’re upset at their parents and lacking direction in life – I dropped out.

Lost In A Sea Of Madness

Despite the warnings of my College Counselors (who acted more like Retention Agents for a Sales gig than Guidance Counselors), I completely ditched the College route and started working at a local restaurant for the summer. I wanted so badly to break away from the path chosen for me, and find my own way in the world.

Typical teenage rebellion, right?

However it was not all sunshine and rainbows. The restaurant pay was really bad, minimum wage is no way to live. And to make it worse, the video game website I was volunteering for started to eventually fade, and inevitably die off thanks to an Admin that didn’t have the time or effort to keep it going.

Then I got laid-off from the restaurant too, turns out that there was a big staff cut every Winter that I didn’t know about. How’s that for awesome?

So, I spent the next several years working from one job to the next. I spent some time traveling around Canada, my home country, and despite seeing some amazing stuff I wasn’t getting any further ahead than I was.

I was still just grinding away, living “paycheck to paycheck” as they say.

That went on for a while, until a few years ago when I got my first Sales job.

A Tough Job And An Even Tougher Teacher

I didn’t love working in Sales, but I did it because I had hurt myself pretty badly doing grunt labour jobs prior to that. I needed to get back on the horse somehow as bills don’t pay themselves!

So Sales it was, and it was unlike anything I’ve done before.

I was hassling people over the phone while getting lectured by supervisors because I wasn’t being enough of a pushy jerk to customers, and because I truly hated lying to people about our garbage services. Do you know how hard it is to tell a parent of 3 that they need to upgrade to a significantly more expensive service when they’re already in tears, because they can’t pay their bills?

Guess what? It doesn’t matter, because if you don’t do it they’ll replace you with someone that will.

I slaved away for a good while, but my mind wandered.. a lot. I started to read books and many website articles, trying to figure out my next step in life. And one day while sorting through countless Google results for “making money online” I stumbled onto something legitimate.

Wealthy Affiliate University

I did my homework, researched the Hell out of it trying to find out if I digging into another scam website. Turns out that no matter how hard I looked, I wasn’t seeing the “catch” that eventually rears it’s ugly head.

It was simply an online platform (website) that teaches people how to succeed with Online Business and Affiliate Marketing. I was brand new to all of this, so guess what I did? Yeah, more reading!

After several long nights of research into these topics, and a few eye drops later, I pulled the trigger and got a Free Trial Membership to see what the heck I was getting into.

From there I spent all my time learning from extensive training video, chatting with members of the community, and just enjoying the freedom of working at home from my laptop. They taught me everything I needed to know about how to make money from home, and this website among others is a result of that work paying off.

Seriously, if you’re reading this – it’s because of the training and tools provided at Wealthy Affiliate. I know other platforms also offer online training, but this was by far the least sketchy I had come across.

Now I design websites, create advertisements, and sell products as an Affiliate Marketer.

I’ve taken my knowledge of Sales from my previous job and get to do it in even better ways – I control what products I promote, decide when the shift ends, and I work only for myself. I can finally say I’m my own boss like many in my family, and I’m proud of it.

The Road From Here

With this website (www.myhomegrownsuccess.com), I am taking everything I learn and giving it back to my fellow readers. I create simple training guides for others also looking to succeed online, and review products/services that are designed to help make you money as well.

I also call bullshit on scam websites and products, in hopes that people don’t go wasting money or having their personal info stolen.

The internet world is full of scumbags looking to make a fast buck off other, more gullible types. My job is to crack down on this nonsense and shed some light on the things that actually help people.

If you’ve been reading up to now, thank you. I know I can carry on for too long sometimes, but I really appreciate anyone that is willing to listen.

One More Thing Before You Go – Affiliate Disclosure

This part is important to know as well. I am indeed an Affiliate Marketer as I mentioned, and that means I use affiliate links to promote products and services on this website. If you make any purchases here using my links, I’ll make some commission from the sale. It won’t cost anything extra for you, the reader, but it does allow me to keep the website going for me and my family.

I know not everyone discloses that information, but I also know that any good relationship is built on trust. And I hope as a potential Affiliate yourself, that you’ll also be open with your audience.

But again, thanks for reading and I wish you all the luck and success in the world!

If you have any questions, email me at tyson@myhomegrownsuccess.com and I’ll do what I can to help out.


Your Friendly Internet Watchdog – Tyson


I never did hear back from the guy that used to run our awesome little gaming forum. Maybe I’ll design my own and carry on the legacy someday ^_^