10 Automotive Affiliate Marketing Programs In 2019


Looking to make some wicked commission through the sales of Auto Parts, Tools, and services? Then this is the list is for you.

Hello fine folks and thank you for joining me here on this beautiful Autumn day. My name is Tyson and I’ll be covering a list of 10 awesome Automotive Affiliate Programs you can sign up for and start making sales today!

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Alright, back to today’s regularly scheduled programming. 

In this article I’ll be covering 10 big, and quite successful Automotive Companies that are offering great commissions to Affiliate Marketers.

As you may know, the Auto industry in North America is huge. In fact it’s pretty damn big in most parts of the world, and one thing you can count on is people are always buying vehicles.

And because there’s always so many vehicles on the road, there’s always a high demand for service, parts, and tools.

Know what that means? There’s tons of money to be made as an Affiliate!

So let’s dive right in and find the best Affiliate Program for you.

10 Awesome Auto Affiliate Programs

For the record I haven’t given any preferential treatment to one company over another in this list. Just think of it as 10 resources for you to comb through and see what meets your Affiliate Marketing needs best. 

1. JC Whitney

jcwhitney 2

There’s a very good chance that if you’ve lived in the US for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of JC Whitney

JC Whitney is one of the big hitters in the auto industry, having built up their brand since a humble start in 1915. They offer tools, parts,services, accessories, and all around just a lot of stuff.

Why Join JC Whitney?

The selection they offer is massive, and they’re a large and reputable player in the industry. You stand to make good commission (up to 8%)on any sales made in a 30 day period of someone clicking one of your links. 


2. Auto Zone

It’s time to Get in The Zone!

Sorry, I’m being cheesy again. Chances are you’ve heard of this company as well. AutoZone has thousands of stores across the US, Mexico, and Brazil.

They’ve been around since 1979, supplying auto parts, accessories, and services to most of the US.

These days they’ve grown into a multi-billion dollar company, and even offer things like online repair guides and their own brand of tools.

Why Join AutoZone?

Again with this one you have a large selection of products to promote, as well as a great rate of ~8% to bank on. And that’s on any purchases made in 45 days of purchasing through your links too!

The brand is so big that the name pretty much sells it for you!


3. CarParts.com


CarParts.com is an online-based automotive retailer, with no real physical stores so you may not have heard of them. They’re also newer than many contenders in this list (since 1999) so that’s something to consider as well.

However, despite their youth, they have millions of products to offer, and have completed over a million customer orders so far.

Why Join CarParts.com?

Just as they claim on the website, carparts.com doesn’t actually have physical stores to look after as they’re a web-based business.

What this means is a rather generous 10-12% commission for Affiliates, with newbies starting at 10% and eventually earning more as sales accumulate.

And that 45 day cookie is awesome!


4. Advance Auto Parts


Advance Auto Parts is another longstanding member of the Automotive industry, fighting hard for their customers since the 1930’s.

They have over 6000 stores worldwide, some of which you may have even shopped at under a different label (Carquest, if you’re in Canada).

Why Join Advance Auto Parts?

The selection of DIY auto parts is astounding, and they offer great deals for customers as well. 

As an affiliate, you’ll be making a solid 4% on sales and the cookie holds up for a full 30 Days!


5. Buy Auto Parts


California-based company BuyAutoParts has been around the industry since 1989, supplying parts needs around the US.

They’ve risen in popularity quite a bit over the last couple decades, and have even won awards for their indisputable successes.

They specialize in all manner of parts, whether it be OEM or Aftermarket, Performance, or just DIY parts and accessories.

Why Join BuyAutoParts?

30 years of trusted business and satisfied customers makes this an easy sell.

The cookie is only for 7 days, but apparently 95% of their customers buy within 3 days. Up to 8% commission is nothing to scoff at either!

With over 200,000 parts on tap, I’m sure you’ll find something worth your time there.


6. Edmunds


Edmunds is actually a little different than most of the Auto Parts Affiliate programs so far.

And by different, I mean that they specialize in vehicle information and helping customers make informed purchases.

They remind me of a dealership, but with more incentive to help the customer with useful buying tips and guides, rather than just selling them whatever is expensive.

Why Join Edmunds?

They’ve been around since 1966, providing useful and unbiased assistance and earning a top spot in the industry.

The commissions vary, but any commission from a vehicle purchase is going to be respectable. However, Top Affiliates get the ability to negotiate commissions.

Tools, banners, and a full time Affiliate Manager are on hand to help you make the most of your sales.


7. Auto Parts Way


Auto Parts Way is actually a Canadian Automotive company, but don’t let that scare you away from being an Affiliate!

They sell and ship parts not only to Canada, but to the US as well.  

Why Join Auto Parts Way?

The cookie is for 30 days and you can bank on making decent commission with a 5% rate on your side. Plus, you’ll have access to their affiliate tools and forum to help give you an edge in promoting them (and your site too).


8. AutoBarn


AutoBarn has come immensely far since their inception as H&M Auto Parts back in 1957.

Over the last 60+ years, they’ve grown into a very large distributor of auto parts, accessories, and detailing products.

From their website you can get anything you need for the Do-It-Yourself types back home.

Why Join AutoBarn?

A straight commission of 8% on all sales is pretty generous, and you know you’ll be promoting good products from a well established brand name as well.

And a 10 day cookie is more than enough time for the average customer to make a purchase and get you paid.


9. Tire Rack


America’s largest independent source for Tires, Wheels, and Accessories – Tirerack.com!

They’ve been at it for over 40 years, specializing in (you guessed it) tires! But as narrow as it might sound, tires and wheels are a massive market anywhere that has vehicles.

Until they start to fly anyway, haha. 

Why Join Tire Rack?

A 6% commission on any sales is solid, especially when you consider that the average customer order is over $400!

C’mon, you and I both know buying decent tires and wheels is an expensive process. And people are always buying them, so they’re always hot ticket items.

Last but not least, a 60 day cookie! Wow!

tirerack 2

10. JEGS


JEGS has been around the block for over 50 years now, supplying quality performance parts for both casual gear heads and true performance enthusiasts alike. 

Why Join JEGS?

Though a 10 Day Cookie and 1-3% commission is on the lower end of this list, they sell high performance parts and tend to have expensive average customer orders.

Plus the brand is pretty well-known, so it won’t be difficult to get people on board.

jegs 2

The Wrap Up

As you can see, there’s plenty to offer as an Affiliate in the Automotive industry!

When I first started Affiliate Marketing, I had no idea there was so many ways to make money from Auto Parts and the like. As it turns out, you’re not limited to just parts, but tools, accessories, vehicle rentals and purchases, and even just information.

It really gives you a lot to work with, and there’s even more programs out there for you to hunt down and make money with!

How to make use of these programs

Here’s a super easy 4-step process to get yourself on the path to making sales, if you’re new to Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Choose a Niche
  2. Create a Website
  3. Join Affiliate Programs
  4. Sell as hard as you can!

Obviously your niche is Automotive, if you’re looking to make money from programs like these. So that part is already done!

Building a website and having the right tools and training to do so, as well as learning to be a good salesman isn’t hard either!

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review for the fastest way to get started with your own money-making website today. No experience required, and there’s even a Free Membership to give you a sample of everything.

Lastly, if you have any questions or comments, drop them down below and I’ll be more than happy to respond!

Thanks for reading my article and happy selling everybody!


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  1. Page bookmarked! Thanks for taking the time to write this one brother. I appreciate it. You’ve saved me time and time. I have a few great ideas in my mind for some of my future projects, and the automotive affiliate site is one of them. I see a great opportunity in this niche, and it’s become even greater after reading your suggestions! Thanks again, bro! Ivan

    • Not a problem Ivan!

      I plan to continue adding solid resources for people who might be pursuing particular niches for their affiliate marketing websites. Look forward to more guides like this one in the future!

      Best of luck, friend.

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